Zehn Tipps für Autoren und Geschichtenerzähler, die für jedes Genre und Medium zutreffen von Therese Haberman:“How to write a great novel

1. Don’t Write Anything that Does Not Move the Story Along
2. Have More Front Story than Back Story to Keep the Reader’s Interest Intact… otherwise you’ll lose your readers attention…

Zufälle in Geschichten

7. Limit Any Coincidentals. I just watched two episodes of Queer as Folk which overdid the happens by accident rule – it’s annoying and they lost their characters with it.

Klischees im Storytelling?

8. Lose Any and All Cliches. At all costs, avoid the cliche. „He was a tall drink of water“ will give the reader the urge to gag. However, if you can skillfully manipulate a common cliche into something humorous and fun, do it. „He was a tall, black Russian; and just as tasty looking“. Or maybe the „milk of human kindness“ becomes the milk of Magnesia of human kindness“. Make the old and stale, new and fresh – and maybe a tad naughty.


10. Think of a Novel in Terms of the Beats and Rests of a Musical Symphony
Number 10 should help to keep the suspence going.