Hi, how are you? Glad you found me here. I don’t blog in English on this site, but I (plan to) write some English articles over at medium if you’re interested. So, what’s this all about here? My passion is in creating stories on different media and getting people excited about them. My specialty is coming up with new formats and the right media architecture for storyworlds. My background is in theatre (M.A.), but I soon started to experiment with social media, live communication (research studies), concept design (internship at insglück) and finally co-founded my own indie story label Das wilde Dutzend together with Simone Veenstra. We started in 2009/10 in creating transmedia storyworlds around beautifully illustrated books. Through my work there I got to know Patrick Möller and founded transmedia storytelling network and agency imaginary friends with him. We developed campaigns and experiences for a diverse range of media companies like Carlsen, UFA lab, Luchterhand, S. Fischer Verlage, Diogenes, Warner Bros, … and Egmont. At Egmont, I worked as Head of Digital Media before moving on to native mobile storytelling startup oolipo AG as Head of Content in 2016. Since 2017, I’m CCO of oolipo.

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