Nine people, two months, one presentation. As part of the FlyingSparks HighFlyers, I was chosen by newthinking communications and StoryDrive at Frankfurt Bookfair for a team of nine creatives who met in August for the first time. Our goal was to create a vision for „storytelling in the future“ and present this vision at StoryDrive conference. „StoryDrive – storytelling & storyselling“ as part of bookfair Frankfurt tried to close the gap between film-, games-, and book-industries and to develop an understanding for transmedia in Germany. Our brainstormings, meetings, and writings resulted in three different aspects we presented on stage at the conference:

a model, a story, and a manifest (which was translated by Catherine Duquette, thanks a lot!)
We are curious on your opinions about our theses, so please: comment and share!

We (Maike Coelle, Maike Hank, Katharina Kokoska, Patrick Möller, Kristian Costa-Zahn, Philipp Zimmermann, Holger Schmidt) think that:

The art of storytelling has always been subject to change. Through the process of digitalization and the accompanying media convergence, we’re now on the verge of a quantum leap. We are no longer viewers, listeners, readers, users, or players.Today, we are “experiencers”, whose roles and behaviors change based on how we use and approach media.


With this reality in mind, we take this opportunity to propose eleven theses on the future of storytelling:

I’m going to post the following theses one by one during the next weeks and comment (my personal opinions and understanding). You find the theses here: and can discuss with all of us on Facebook.

(Picture: Andreas Wichmann)