The unveiling of NYC’s Digital Plan by Mayor Bloomberg and Chief Digital Officer Rachel Sterne has given risen to a broader question being asked by city officials and local citizens across the globe – what makes a city digital?
Below is our vision of the top ten features that are instrumental in the making of a “digital city”:

Great digital infrastructure by way of broadband and wi-fi access. This feature in particular signals a shift from “moving people to work” thinking to “moving work to people.”

Well integrated set of online tools that provide information to the public via multiple digital channels such as a regularly updated website, social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, and a live stream of key meetings enabling greater public participating etc. It should be noted that a social presence is less about using the newest cool, shiny tools and more about connecting with city residents on whatever platforms they use the most. A great example is the use of NYCDigital’s Tumblr account to share Beyonce’s surprise appearance at a Harlem school workout.


PSFK CONFERENCE NYC 2011: Rachel Sterne on Vimeo

Nach wochenlangem Abtauchen als Storywriter und Puppetmaster für das Alternate Reality Game „Play the player, not the cards“ lese ich gerade all meine Newsletter und RSS-Feeds quer und dieses Fundstück ist ein weiterer Grund, bald nach New York zu fahren: New Yorks Vision der digitalen Stadt, umgesetzt von Rachel Sterne. Beeindruckend.